Monday, 2 June 2014

A long time coming

It's been a while since I've posted any news on here with updates to the new releases & future stuff in the works with the label. So heres what's coming up & in the pipeline

First up... Self Acceptance is excited to say that the Ontario new jacks "STRAIGHT TRUTH" are joining the team and will be putting out a UK promo tape with us sometime in the not so far future! I have the tracks just need to dub the bad boys up & get the inlays done. Straight Truth continue to follow on the occurring pattern of quality bands coming out of the Canadian scene right now (especially in the Toronto/Ontario area to note)

ST play a straight up 80s Boston style of hardcore with classic & modern influences from all over, but overall and I guess its ignorant to say this considering all of whom take influences from the precocious, but they basically have that complete Toronto hardcore punk sound. Its hard to put my finger on it, but band after band that come out of this area seem to do something discreetly defiant, yet different that ties them all into the same sort of region & scene.... Anyways, thats enough pointless rambling for now, the tape will have their self released 5 track demo & then 4 new songs recorded in some fucks basement. The tapes themselves should be available in a few weeks time, news will be posted here & across various sites, forums & social networks when so.
Stream a track from the demo here - Straight Truth - Sex Fined

Secondly, and this one truly has been a long time coming... orders for NO FUTURE, the debut 7"" from the UK's own Blind Authority will be available real soon. The tracks are now up for streaming on their bandcamp page here -
I'm basically just waiting on the test presses to arrive and then once approved, the mailorder & band copies themselfs will follow shorty after.

They have a release show set and is fast approaching, June 7th in Leeds (next Saturday)
To add to the above, the lineup is completely flawless, with the likes of The Flex, Obstruct, Fade, SHRAPNEL, Arms Race and Mankind (who also just released a new incredible 7" on the best their is Quality Control Records, ffo complete Faith/early Discord).
Release show event page - 

Copies of No Future won't be available at the show itself due to plant delays, but needless to say the show alone is enough to not wanna miss it. Check back here and everywhere else I'll be spamming when the copies have come in. The boys will be taking special sleeve copies out on their euro tour in July too
Thanks, C Truth - Thigh High Clubhouse
Photo credit: mackenzieburgess

Blind Authority -  Mongrel II
Photo credit: Sam Wright