Friday, 30 August 2013

Upcoming Shows!

All 3 of our current brothers on SA have shows coming up in their retrospecting countries in the upcoming months! If you can get to any, be sure to do so!

* Outbreak Fest Pre Show w/ The Flex, Your Move, "Born Wild" - 13/09/13 / Leeds / Event Details
* The are also doing a run of 5/6 shows w/Poder Absoloto up & down the UK in December!

* NY Show w/ Bad Side, Fuck SS & Pleasure Identity
  20/09/13 / New York / Event Details

*Australian East Coast Tour w/ Sewercide
- 05/09/13 - Fortitude Valley / Event Details
- 06/09/13 - West End / Event Details
- 07/09/13 - Byron Bay / Event Details
- 12/09/13 - Newcastle / Even Details
- 13/09/13 - Sydney / Even Details
- 14/09/13 - Sydney / Even Details
- 15/09/13 - Sydney / Even Details
- 18/09/13 - Canberra / Even Details
- 20/09/13 - Melbourne / Even Details
- 21/09/13 - Melbourne / Even Details
- 22/09/13 - Melbourne / Even Details

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

This Weeks Playlist

So I thought I'd do a little sub section on whats been getting a play in the SA home this week. There's been some right tasty numbers dropping recently, and below is a list of those that I've really been into.

1st up, the new LP from Hoax.
Picking up where their previous ep's left off with the whole raw, aggressive, aggro & all round evil vibes. The LP itself is written to flow perfectly from each track to the next. Ive actually only listened to it 2 times so far due to knocking myself unconscious on both occasions...Thats all i'm saying. A serious recommend.

Stream Here -
Buy Here -

Next comes two cheeky new tracks from South Coast goers Ego Trip. I already fucking loved this band the minute that first demo came out but these new samplers of the upcoming 7" are insanely good! The lyrics on the 2nd track "Pacify" go the fuck in and truly highlight what its all about! Listen to this band!

Stream Here -
Buy New Merch Here ;) -


3rd on my list is the latest addition to the Lockin Out team. Back to Back, not to be confused with the in the starlight record label that also is located over in the states. The band who resign in Texas (what might I add is kicking it right now when it comes to Hardcore / Punk & Thrash bands releasing new shit) are an odd one for a Lockin Out release. I guess you could say their the most ill-fitted band on the label as they sound nothing like their counterparts & definitely dont have that notable "loc sound". Never the less, the cats behind LO have done a solid job picking up these boys. They play a VIP era of hardcore punk in the vein of Agnostic Front, 86 Mentality, SSD, DYS, No Trend etc. The 7" has a whole evil & almost alien like sound of feedback to it through out. I bloody love it.
Its been getting me super siked to start a project of my own, of which is "going" to have somewhat similar to vibe... It will probably end up sounding like the latest Linkin Park album tho.


Stream Here -
Buy Here -

I was gonna write up on a 4th... but couldn't in all honest I couldn't be fucked plus I had a veggie sausage casserole on the go that I wanted to go tuck into. But what I will say is listen to Final Rage (new 7" out soon and it's by far my favorite release of 2013). Also look out for Arms Race, Lifes Disdain, Obstruct & Disapproval. All with new stuff out soon.
Also, go check out the following UK labels that are constantly killing and the reason behind why I'm doing this. I'd love to be able to amount to half as much as some of them have done.

- CTW Records
- The Essence
- Atonement Records
- Quality Control
- Anger Battery
- Milk Run Records
- Static Shook Records
 And all the new ones following in their steps & keeping it real:
- Semtex Death
- Northern Wisdom
- Neutral Worlds Records

News on the next SA release will be out all in due time. We are working with a past affiliate with getting theirs & ours first 7" out there! In the mean time you can stream all the tape releases we've done so far on the Bandcamp & theres still a few of the Sick People tapes left up on the Big Cartel!


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sick People Fakes Rule Tapes Now In The Store!!

The Sick People tapes are now up in the store to tie in with the release of the 7" versions out later on in the year via Juggernaut Records (eu) & Urban Rage Records (aus)

This CS version has exclusive inlays & artwork drawn up by my man JacobxBonnderson.
So siked to be doing this release, Sick People have been keeping shit real down in Brisbane Australia for a fucking while now! They play a much older styled hardcore punk sound. Quoted by many as "Young Lords Play Old Man Music" This first run is limited to 80 a piece. 40 Blue / 40 Black. Fight Em All will be taking 10 or so for their distro, so Americans pick it up from them to save on shipping

Pick up the tape here!

As for short term future that's all that's planned for Self Acceptance. In the next couple of months we are buckling down and working with a certain band towards getting their debut 7" out on SA. Stoked on be doing a 7". There will be news on that all in due time, but probably not till towards the end of the year. There may possibly be a fanzine prior to that, just depends really ha.

Remember you can stream the whole Sick People EP and all the other Self Acceptance releases on the bandcamp page all with free download links!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Fakes Rule Tapes (SAR003)

 The Sick People - Fakes Rule tapes came in today! They look & sound great. They will go up for sale on the big cartel tomorrow night at 8pm GMT. 40 Blue & 40 Black. I've received a lot of mails about these, so act accordingly if you fancy one for your collection. Mailorder world wide available.

In the mean time, heres a video from a recent show w/ Innumerable Forms. First time they've played in 3 months or so, new songs sounding proper naughty! Youtube link here

Friday, 9 August 2013

Distro Updates: Hard Stripes & Social Damage

Got a couple of cheeky lil numbers in the distro for you today from RVAs Hard Stripes & Calis own Social x Damage. Both limited in numbers so don't sleep around if you're wanting either!
The Hard Stripes demo which ft's member's of Hounds of Hate / Fire & Ice was a UK repress by Semtex Death UK earlier on this month. It's now sold out from their store & these are the last remaining copies for now. Don't mess around, you know you need this!

Also got a bunch of the new Social Damage demos in.
In a nut this demo is Short, Sweet & Straight Edge. Ex member's of Blind Justice. It's good.


Monday, 5 August 2013

SAR Bandcamp / Distro

We now have a bandcamp with the first two releases from Brain Slug & Blind Authority up online for you all to stream / download. Head over to if you wanna check that shit out!

Also, we should have stuff coming in and up in the distro for you in the next few coming weeks or so. Stuff from all over really, except stuff from Disapproval, Social Damage ( A tight new straight edge band my buddie Matt plays bass in, from Indianapolis), CREEM, Hard Stripes, Altercado Espiritual, member's of Poder Absoluto, Spain is killing it recently!) and a bunch more! Also got copies of the Fight Em All records zine #1 coming in which features interviews with Poder Absoluto, Spine, Sick People (the next addition to the SAR Army!), a cool road tour diary from Disapproval and a bunch more. Fucking great first issues, hope theres more to come!

Nice one
Will be some news on the Sick People tapes real soon, got the artwork back. Just waiting on a few other things. Keep guard, chains are coming!