Friday, 22 November 2013

Blind Authority / Poder Absoluto London Show

Putting on the London date of the "England Attack Tour" in just under 2 weeks time!

Arms Race & Street Beef will also be playing. Two local & relatively new bands, each with solid 2013 demos out. Real good stuff, check 'em out below.

7pm Doors
Power Lunches
446 Kingsland Road
Hackney, E8 4AE
£4 Event Details
Flyer Credit - Tin Tin

Friday, 15 November 2013

SA004 / SA005

I recently mentioned that Control is now part of the SA team. The Northern Wolfpack will be releasing 4 brand new tracks on a new tape entitled "Three Years On" through SA come late 2013. This will be the third release from Control, which will follow up from that class 2012 demo that came out on Hemlock 13 (rip) last year.

These new tracks are without a doubt their most praisable to date (I've heard the rough mixes, hence the ignorant statement.) As soon as the mastered versions are done & artworks ready the tapes will be available in the store (gimme a few weeks or so). You can stream a rough mix of one of the tracks & listen to their previous stuff here - Link

Along with the release of the Control cs, our other new recruits Dread will be releasing a 2nd demo tape "Brain Rot" simultaneously with those of the Control ones, which will (as mentioned above) be available in December. Brain Rot will feature two new tracks on the first side and then the previous three tracks from their self released demo on the flip-side. You can listen to those older tracks from their 1st demo here. Hard to correlate these, all I know is they do what they do, and they do it good. The new tracks are a massive step up!

Excited to get both both out there.
Helping friends is what this is all about

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Control - Full Set

Newly announced members in Control played a cool hometown show this past week up North. Footage from their full set is now online (above). Couple of new songs in there from the forthcoming tape along with a couple of real class covers! Really excited to get this one out there, just waiting on some art shit and should then have them ready in a few weeks... give or take.

It would seem Newcastle and it's surrounding are really building up a awesome little scene over that way! Great to see more & more places doing shows on a regular occurrence with everyone really getting into it & making contributions! Same goes for Southampton, the UYC & co doing great things down that way. Keep it up!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Blind Authority / Poder Absoluto UK Tour

The Nawty boys are going on a little 5 day run next month, with none other than Valencias finest Poder Absoluto! Both bands will be playing new songs on the forthcoming 7"s. Should be a fun few days. I will have anything that remains in the SA distro with me at the shows. Check back on here or on the Facebook Event page for full details, in the next few days i'd imagine. 

December 2nd - London - Power Lunche
December 3rd - Sheffield - TBC
December 4th - Manchester ** Moved to Newcastle - TBC
December 5th - Scotland - Glasgow - TBC
December 6th - Leeds - Temple Of Boom

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Up Next For SA

It's been a little while since theres been any news on what's up next for Self Acceptance.
Probably about time to drop the news on that.

Next up is going to be a four new jamz from the Northern Wolfpack lads in Control.
Since being back from their life travels / done with studies, they've regrouped back together and written four of the best slammers they've ever done before. Real excited to get this one out there.
80s west coast fans, come get wild.

After that will be a 7" with the ever promising title... "No Future" from my favorite nawty boyz in Blind Authority. The 7" will be split between Self Acceptance & again Fight Em All Records over in the USA, who also did the American release of their demo. Pressing info of the 7" is still up in the air, but will be split equally between the two labels & the band, different coloured wax for each. Siked to be doing something with them again. The rough guitar tracks are already sounding raw as hell. This is aimed to be ready sometime 2014.

Also somewhere crammed in between, SA is going to be doing a 2nd Demo for my Scottish friends in Dread, entitled "Brain Rot". Young skate rats playing ruthless jamz on a modern day Boston trip The tape will feature 2 new tracks on one side and then the previous 3 tracks from their first demo on the other.

As always, news on all the above releases along with other stuff will be put up on here as & when updates are present.

**Also just to add, massive thank you to SA's close euro friend Jacob X Bondesson, for this badass new logo. This is the second time he's stepped up to the mark for Self Acceptance and by far surpassed all expectations of what I could of wanted for each!

He kills it!

Check out his work here

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Distro Update pt II.

The day after I decided to put the half of the distro update i've had in for ages... the other half arrives at my door. Couldn't make this shit up! Anyways, 7"s in from Disaproval / Sick People & surprisingly The Pack (Big thanks to Rome / Juggernaut Records for that, you the man!)

As always, all are in small numbers. People really seem to be into the Protester tapes that went up last night, so if you fancy one of them, dont hang around. Whatever's left out of this will be with me on the Poder Absoluto/ Blind Authority 5 day tour at the beginning of December, to pick up physically at shows.


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Protester & Kremlin Demo Tapes in the distro

The Protester (dc) & Kremlin (toronto) demo tapes are now up in the store. Small number of each in the distro section.  Two brilliant demos, that your collection needs promptly if it doesn't already do so. 
I do have some other stuff inbound for the distro, that being various 7"s and a couple other tapes, but these have been knocking about in my bedroom for a couple weeks now and thought id just whack them up to clear.

Protester - Bleeding Edges #010 (usa) //200
Kremlin - Outsider Tapes #001 (europe) //100

Monday, 4 November 2013

Incoming Distro Items.

Okay, so the Sick People - Fakes Rule 7" is now out on Juggernaut Records over here in Europe & out on Urban Rage back in Australia. I'm going to be getting in a small amount of the Juggernaut European version for the SA distro sometime soon, which will be available online from the store for UK people to save on shipping. I will also try have them at any upcoming shows I'm at. Also gonna be getting some stuff from Disapproval, Kremlin, Protester, Pure Disgust and maybe some other shit all around the same sort of time. So expect an update as and when it's all come in (half of it is here, just waiting on the last couple bits). Links to all below.

Finally SA #004/005 and now even 006 are all in the pipeline, truth be said... it may of taken a little long to get all sorted than I would of liked, but I will be getting some word out on those this week. Two new tapes & a 7" record.

Juggernaut Records - #006

Outsider Tapes - #001

Disapproval  - EMYA
Juggernaut Records - #005

Protester - Demo
Bleeding Edges - #010

Hesitation Wound Records - #007.5

 News on new SA releases coming soon!