Wednesday, 31 July 2013

SAR003: SICK PEOPLE - FAKES RULE (uk release)


So siked to be a part of this forthcoming 3 way release! (EU/UK/AUS)
Sick People is one of my favorite active international bands right now, and we are going to be doing a limited UK run of their brand new E.P (out now to stream online) "Fakes Rule" on tape limited to 80 copies of which will be available world wide. 40 Blue / 40 Black

It'll be coming out on 7" thru Juggernaut Records (The Pack, Bluesbreaker and Disapproval) in Europe, And Urban Rage Records (Split Scene comp. , Shackles - Disposed Of..) in Australia later on in August!
The 7" release will consist of 250 copies in each hemisphere...Americans I believe Jesse from Fight 'Em All will be distroing over that way.

Head over to their bandcamp page and stream that shit here
Physical copies of the tape should be with us in a few weeks tops!
News on orders to follow real real soon!

I hate what you do it's all an act

I hate what you do and thats a fact


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Blind Authority's 2013 Demo Tapes Now Up On The Store!


Blind Authority's demo tapes are now up in the store!

Really happy on how these have turned out, they sound fucking badass and look even cooler!
The release is out of //50. 30 on white, which are whats up on the store now, and 20 on clear (with a griptape sticker & spray painted stencil) which you can pick up directly from the band at any upcoming shows they have.

If you haven't checked out the demo yet, you can so here -
Shades of Think I Care, Infest, Mind Eraser? Scott did a real good job recording & mastering this for a first demo, he bloody smacks it for this sorta sound! If your band wants to record and you're from the UK be sure to hit him up at -

There will be a USA Version available via our brothers over at "Fight Em All Records" with alternative artwork and a cover sometime soon. Solid label run by a real top guy!


Monday, 29 July 2013

Blind Authority Playing The Outbreak Fest Pre-Show

Real cool pre-show happening the night before Outbreak Fest in Leeds come September.
The show will be Your Moves last show, (real shame, band smacked it) along with featuring sets from everyone's favorite stomp band "The Flex", a new LS band "Urban Spirit" and the mysterious "Born Alone..."(Can you guess who that is?)

Millwright Street Practice Rooms
£5 / 100 Cap


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hard Stripes Demo Tapes Coming To The Distro!

The fellow new jacks over at Semtex Death UK have done a small run of the 2012 Demo from Richmonds "Hard Stripes" and we have gratefully got a tasty small quantity of them heading over to the store! Limited to 30 copies I believe, all hand assembled, made with stolen tape... and with a true to punk spray painted finish. DIY or die really!

The band features members from recent UK touch-downers Hounds Of Hate & CREEM as well as members from Dry Spell and Fire & Ice! Real Richmond hardcore right there!

Shave your head and swing chains at hippies.
Download the demo here - MEDIAFIRE

Friday, 26 July 2013

Brain Slug Shirts Up Online Over At The Just A Audial Store

It's Friday, meaning it's possibly payday right?

If so... or even not so, you should go & head over to the Just A Audial online store and check out the cool couple of designs for Brain Slug that they got up!
A sketchy "crackhead" sketch in white & a cop busting a brother in black. Limited sizes in each


Friday, 19 July 2013

Blind Authority - First Show - Together Fest - Sheffield

Blind Authority played their first show earlier on this month with Atlanta's big boys Foundation, at a cool mixed bill festival, organized by the man that cares more about UK Hardcore than you ever will Max Mitchell!

Couldn't make the show myself, but from what I heard it was a real cool day, jam packed with a great variety of bands and people!

Crowd looked a little dead, but it was their first show and I believe they opened the fest, so it was inevitable really... But with a THINK I CARE intro & ending it on a BREAKDOWN cover, you couldn't of really asked for much more!
They play with Enough (usa) and some others in Southampton this weekend.
Head out if you can -

Demo tapes will be up on the Big Cartel real soon!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

USA "Bleeding Edges" Release of the Brain Slug tape / We Are Also Now Sold Out Of The Black Version /70

The Bleeding Edges pressing will (fingers crossed) be out in time for this show:




Hardware Records(ger), Ignite Records(uk), Static Shook (uk) & Disinfect Records(aus) will all be stocking the tape in their distro sometime real soon, so if you missed out from us, you get a second chance with the badboy!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

BRAIN SLUG live at The Acheron, Apr. 18th, 2013 Slug played a stacked show with Texas big boys Power Trip and another current favorite of mine Altered Boys a couple of months back in NY at The Acheron.
A few videos have popped up online and I just stumbled across this. A real high energy packed set from the Brain Slug boys! Try give it a watch without wanting to have a lil stomp, I dare ya!

Saturday, 13 July 2013


This past week Self Acceptance Records was finally born.

The whole concept behind this label is something I've been wanting to create & peruse for fucking ages now and I'm super stoked to finally be able to do it. Gonna be putting out bands from all over the globe, helping friends, making friends and genuinely just getting behind the shit that gets me stoked on hardcore & punk today

This label is and will always be - DIY & ran by one. I will try to keep the blog updated as much as possible with the ongoings & things planned with SA

First Up SAR001:
Brain Slug's CREEP / Annihilate Me Tape.

A band Ive been behind since that first demo dropped back in 2011. So happy to be able to work with these guys. They take a manic blast of ancient NYHC wisdom like (Straight Ahead, Krakdown) and have spiked with a hefty dose of noisy punk (Discharge, DYS, SSD, et al.) I guess in modern terms the best way to describe them would be Rival Mob meets Hoax, but your probably beg to differ.

This tape consists of a brand new single which is split up into the two given parts & names (Creep & Annihilate Me) and then rounded off with a initial questionable cover of a Christian Death song "Spiritual Cramp" but once heard all questions will of been stomped aside. Incredibly vicious take on it.

SA will be doing the European side of release for these new songs and will be out of /100 copies.
30 on pink, of which are limited to UK based orders and the other 70 on Black available to EU and further worldwide orders / wholesale distro

The tapes themselfs have come out fucking amazing for a first release and i'm so happy with the end result on them. You can stream all 3 of the tracks over at Brain Slug's Bandcamp

Pick them up from the online store here SA Store

A USA released version will be available via Bleeding Edges sometime soon. If you're a collector pick up both. Support Bleeding Edges, a small independent label doing great things across the pond!