Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Blind Authority's 2013 Demo Tapes Now Up On The Store!


Blind Authority's demo tapes are now up in the store! selfacceptancerecords.bigcartel.com/

Really happy on how these have turned out, they sound fucking badass and look even cooler!
The release is out of //50. 30 on white, which are whats up on the store now, and 20 on clear (with a griptape sticker & spray painted stencil) which you can pick up directly from the band at any upcoming shows they have.

If you haven't checked out the demo yet, you can so here - http://blindauthority.bandcamp.com/
Shades of Think I Care, Infest, Mind Eraser? Scott did a real good job recording & mastering this for a first demo, he bloody smacks it for this sorta sound! If your band wants to record and you're from the UK be sure to hit him up at - scottrockingham@hotmail.co.uk

There will be a USA Version available via our brothers over at "Fight Em All Records" with alternative artwork and a cover sometime soon. Solid label run by a real top guy!


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