Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Blind Authority - Outbreak Pre-Show

My boyz in Blind Authority fucking smashed it in Leeds this weekend. Was class to finally see them do the business in the real. Massive shout out to Liam Fox for putting together a brilliant starting point to a incredible weekend. Wish It was easier for me to get up north to hit the many shows he smashes together like this one...
Here's a cheeky snap from them at the show. Cool as fuck venue.

If you're still after the demo tape, they have a few of the griptape versions left over. Hit up their store http://blindauthority.bigcartel.com/ to grab one! The American release will be done soon on Fight Em All. They are also gonna be working on new shit soon. Watch out for news on that here / and on their blogspot here - http://blind-authority.blogspot.co.uk/ along with info on that run of shows in December with Poder Absoluto!

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