Wednesday, 30 July 2014

No Future Now Available Online!

SA007 / No Future 7"
After what seems like an age with plant delays, poor time management on my side & everything else that could of gone wrong, No Future by Blind Authority finally up for order in the SA store. It's been anything but smooth but the end result is something I think was well worth waiting for.

300 Clear Red Wax
150 online from SA store
150 from the band direct

Any distros keen on maybe stocking No Future just send a mail to for info & wholesale rates
Lastly a massive nice one to the band, everyone involved with the record, recording, its design & layout and of-course anyone that picks it up.

They've also got a bunch of shirts left over from their recent euro tour up in their big cartel, help 'em out and pick something up 

Once more, sorry to anyone who's been waiting out on these.


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