Monday, 5 August 2013

SAR Bandcamp / Distro

We now have a bandcamp with the first two releases from Brain Slug & Blind Authority up online for you all to stream / download. Head over to if you wanna check that shit out!

Also, we should have stuff coming in and up in the distro for you in the next few coming weeks or so. Stuff from all over really, except stuff from Disapproval, Social Damage ( A tight new straight edge band my buddie Matt plays bass in, from Indianapolis), CREEM, Hard Stripes, Altercado Espiritual, member's of Poder Absoluto, Spain is killing it recently!) and a bunch more! Also got copies of the Fight Em All records zine #1 coming in which features interviews with Poder Absoluto, Spine, Sick People (the next addition to the SAR Army!), a cool road tour diary from Disapproval and a bunch more. Fucking great first issues, hope theres more to come!

Nice one
Will be some news on the Sick People tapes real soon, got the artwork back. Just waiting on a few other things. Keep guard, chains are coming!

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