Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sick People Fakes Rule Tapes Now In The Store!!

The Sick People tapes are now up in the store to tie in with the release of the 7" versions out later on in the year via Juggernaut Records (eu) & Urban Rage Records (aus)

This CS version has exclusive inlays & artwork drawn up by my man JacobxBonnderson.
So siked to be doing this release, Sick People have been keeping shit real down in Brisbane Australia for a fucking while now! They play a much older styled hardcore punk sound. Quoted by many as "Young Lords Play Old Man Music" This first run is limited to 80 a piece. 40 Blue / 40 Black. Fight Em All will be taking 10 or so for their distro, so Americans pick it up from them to save on shipping

Pick up the tape here!

As for short term future that's all that's planned for Self Acceptance. In the next couple of months we are buckling down and working with a certain band towards getting their debut 7" out on SA. Stoked on be doing a 7". There will be news on that all in due time, but probably not till towards the end of the year. There may possibly be a fanzine prior to that, just depends really ha.

Remember you can stream the whole Sick People EP and all the other Self Acceptance releases on the bandcamp page all with free download links!

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