Monday, 4 November 2013

Incoming Distro Items.

Okay, so the Sick People - Fakes Rule 7" is now out on Juggernaut Records over here in Europe & out on Urban Rage back in Australia. I'm going to be getting in a small amount of the Juggernaut European version for the SA distro sometime soon, which will be available online from the store for UK people to save on shipping. I will also try have them at any upcoming shows I'm at. Also gonna be getting some stuff from Disapproval, Kremlin, Protester, Pure Disgust and maybe some other shit all around the same sort of time. So expect an update as and when it's all come in (half of it is here, just waiting on the last couple bits). Links to all below.

Finally SA #004/005 and now even 006 are all in the pipeline, truth be said... it may of taken a little long to get all sorted than I would of liked, but I will be getting some word out on those this week. Two new tapes & a 7" record.

Juggernaut Records - #006

Outsider Tapes - #001

Disapproval  - EMYA
Juggernaut Records - #005

Protester - Demo
Bleeding Edges - #010

Hesitation Wound Records - #007.5

 News on new SA releases coming soon!

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