Friday, 15 November 2013

SA004 / SA005

I recently mentioned that Control is now part of the SA team. The Northern Wolfpack will be releasing 4 brand new tracks on a new tape entitled "Three Years On" through SA come late 2013. This will be the third release from Control, which will follow up from that class 2012 demo that came out on Hemlock 13 (rip) last year.

These new tracks are without a doubt their most praisable to date (I've heard the rough mixes, hence the ignorant statement.) As soon as the mastered versions are done & artworks ready the tapes will be available in the store (gimme a few weeks or so). You can stream a rough mix of one of the tracks & listen to their previous stuff here - Link

Along with the release of the Control cs, our other new recruits Dread will be releasing a 2nd demo tape "Brain Rot" simultaneously with those of the Control ones, which will (as mentioned above) be available in December. Brain Rot will feature two new tracks on the first side and then the previous three tracks from their self released demo on the flip-side. You can listen to those older tracks from their 1st demo here. Hard to correlate these, all I know is they do what they do, and they do it good. The new tracks are a massive step up!

Excited to get both both out there.
Helping friends is what this is all about

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