Monday, 9 December 2013

Control / Dread Tapes Now Up

Took a while but both the new Control & Dread tapes are now up in the SA store.

Both bands played at least once on the recent Blind Authority tour and bloody smacked it.
Lower numbers of the Dread tapes as I sold a fair few when I was out at all the shows, so don't mess around if you fancy one of them. As always you can listen & download both on the bandcamp page here

The next game move for SA will be the new Blind Authority 7" which is due out for early March / Mongrel Fest II. They've been playing a few tracks of "No Future" on the recent tour and well... all I can say is that I'm ridiculously excited for it. Gonna be doing a live promo tape for it sometime soon, which will feature 2 of the 5 songs from it along with a new intro and a cover on there, gonna try get that up as soon as. They hit the studio to record the 7" early next month. They also have some shirts left from tour, help 'em out and pick one up.

Also got some of the new UK promo tapes from Germany's Skaggs in the distro. They blew me away at Edge Day a couple weeks back. Top notch stuff. Grab one!

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