Monday, 16 December 2013

New Brain Slug Long Sleeves

Brain Slug have recently gone and got some killer long sleeves printed up for the cold months set ahead, ofwhich are now available from their online store here - 

As I'm here, if anyone was still after a copy of the 2013 Cassingle "CREEP//Annihilate Me" which we put out earlier on in the year, you can still pick it up from Hardware Records distro over in Germany, that will be your last chance to grab the European version I'd guess. Failing that, the American release which came out on Bleeding Edges is still available directly from their store.

Front Pocket - Classic NYHC design

Backprint - Huge Distort New York City design. 
(hard as fucking nails!!)

Buy one!

**Whilst your here, give your ears a treat and have a listen to this. Another new NY band/demo which fts members of Brian Slug** Pick up the demo from Just A Audial // Worthog Speak

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