Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Blind Authority - No Future 7"

Blind Authority is making a swifty return to the new year with their debut 7" - NO FUTURE.
This marks the first vinyl release from the band along with the first on Self Acceptance and on a personal level, I couldn't be more excited to be involved & helping them out again. Expect nothing short of them to produce some of the most aggressive & raw hardcore punk tracks, you shall hear come out of the UK in 2014.

The 7" comes as the follow up to their more than well received 2013 demo, and well... after hearing some rough mixes of the new tracks to come, I can tell you that this new stuff knocks the demo straight off that bad boy block. No Future will feature 4 new back to back slammers, along with a new intro (that once heard) you will have to reflect upon your life's existence....seriously! (if not, you shall spontaneously combust!)

Initially anticipated to be out in time for the upcoming Mongrel Fest 2, of which is taking place in Sheffield - March 1st... However, whether or not that happens is still a little up in the air as it stands. That's basically due to recording dates and so getting pushed a little back, but hoepfuly it will all work out. Failing that and as mentioned before, a live promo tape for No Future will be going up in the store in a week or so's time, and will feature 2 of the said new tracks & that intro. Check back here then for that!

The band still have a few shirts left over from their recent UK tour with Poder Absoluto back late on last year up in their big cartel, go pick one up and help 'em out. blindauthority.bigcartel.com/

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