Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Distro Update / No Future Promo Tapes

One of the UK's best new additions Blind Authority are currently in the recording stages for their upcoming 7" No Future, which will be be available through SA spring 2014. The release of the 7" has come a little delayed to what they wanted and with a bunch of new shows coming up, we thought it would be cool to get a couple of the tracks from it up online & available physically on a promo tape. The tape features live set recordings of three new tracks from the 7", (well ones an intro, but still).

The songs were recorded back on their 2013 UK tour with Poder Absoluto at their Glasgow show with Dread. Go pick one up from the store. 

Now onto some distro news...
Over the recent holiday break, I decided that I really wanted to start stocking more titles in the distro for 2014. So I have done my best to get in a solid selection of all kinds of formats & variety up in the store. I'm still waiting on a few things to arrive and some others I'm trying to sort out, but bellow is the list of whats currently up in the store & then some stuff thats on its way. On the top of the top notch stuff in there!

- BREAKDOWN - Running Scared LP
- GLUE - Demo 7“
- PESADILLA DISTOPIKA - No Hay Ninguna Manera De Eskapar 7”
- OBLITERATION - War Is Our Destiny 7"
- THE PACK - Running With The Pack 7"
- PURE DISGUST - Demo Tape

- THE ABUSED - Loud And Clear LP (re-issue, 2nd press)
- OBLIVIONATION - Language of Violence LP
- PRISONER ABUSE- s/t LP (2nd press)
- OUT COLD - A Heated Display LP
- BACK TO BACK - Flesh & Bone 7”
- OMEGAS - NY Terminator 7”
- OBLIVIONATION - Cult of Culture 7"
- THE NUKES - Fascist Perverts7"
- PEACEBREAKERS- Everydays a Battle 7” (hopefully...)
- BLOTTER - Demo Tape
- OCCUPATION - Demo Tape

If anybody wants anything saving or is going to a show they think I'll be at in the coming weeks, hit me up here and i'll sort you.


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